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A Workbook for Your Personal Passport (8/95)

Developed by Allen, Shea & Associates with special thanks to Patsy Davies, Claudia Forrest, Mark Rice and Steve Sweet.

This workbook is for people with developmental disabilities and their friends and families who want to learn more about person-centered planning. It will also help people get ready for their next Individual Program Plan (IPP) meeting. It's set up to be printed on legal size paper (lengthwise) with a spiral bind, so it's easy to work on.

What Will You Find In This Workbook?

Part 1
The Person-Centered Individual Program Plan for Californians with Developmental Disabilities*

This part of the workbook tells you how California regional centers can help you develop a person-centered Individual Program Plan. (There is an All States version has no references to the California developmental services system. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and download it in pdf format.)

What is Person-Centered Planning?
What does the Lanterman Act
say about Person-Centered Planning
More about Person-Centered Planning
Everyone Has a Part to Play
How Does this Planning Work?
Preparing for a Meeting
Meeting Together to Write a Plan
Family Plan
Services and Supports
Getting Back Together as a Team
Where Do Services and Supports Come From?
More than a Meeting
About Your Last Team Meeting

* Part 1 of the workbook was adapted from More Than a Meeting, a document produced by the California Department of Developmental Services (1994) and developed under contract with Allen, Shea & Associates.

Part 2
Your Personal Passport

This part of the workbook tells you how to do one kind of person-centered planning called Your Personal Passport.

How Does This Work?
Working on Your Personal Passport
Who is a Part of Your Life?
What Things Do you Like to Do?
What are the Things You Need to Live Your Life?
What Are Some Great Things About You?
What's Not Working for You?
What are Your Hopes and Dreams for the Future?
What Scares You the Most about the Future?
What Does it Take to Support You?
What Kinds of Support Will You Need to Work Towards Your Hopes and Dreams?
About Your Next Person-Centered IPP Meeting
Other Things to Read On Person-Centered Planning

Okay, what's the bottom line?
If you would like a California version, please let us know and we will e-mail it to you.
If you want an All States version, click here to download one in pdf format.