Looking at Life Quality

This is the chronological history of our four year involvement with the life quality assessment project in California. First, some history:

A background article (2/94) about the work.

The 25 outcomes used for developing Looking at Life Quality.

More information about Looking at Life Quality, a Visitor's Handbook.

A series of newsletters that we developed during the process:

Premier edition of One Person at a Time, dedicated to supporting and enhancing quality lives and services for Californians with   

     developmental disabilities.

June, 1996 edition

September, 1996 edition

January, 1997 edition

March, 1997 edition was a brief version of the interim report

June, 1997 edition

Here are partial (the final) and complete (the interim) copies of the reports we developed in the year after implementation of the assessment process:

The Executive Summary of the one year report on the implementation of Looking at Life Quality.

Here is the most recent summary of life quality assessments by regional center by living arrangement.We're also trying to add chapters of the final report as quickly as we can convert them. Here's a chapter on the 'visit' from the perspective of the visitor and persons who were visited.

The interim report on the implementation of Looking at Life Quality at six selected Regional Centers.

Here are some other interesting pieces on this site that are relevant to this project:

Searching for Quality
in the Crooked Map Zone is a wonderful piece written by John O'Brien as an introduction to the sourcebook Reinventing Quality.

A review of life quality tools that we completed for the state of Colorado.