Personalized Living


One size does not fit all!

The potential for developing a variety of living arrangements has expanded considerably over the past few years. Allen, Shea & Associates is prepared to help people plan for cost-effective services and supports in a personalized living arrangement.

Allen, Shea & Associates offers consultation, training, technical assistance, advocacy, and related services to individuals, families, service providers, and funding agencies around the design and implementation of personalized living arrangements.

We can help individuals, families, and their allies figure out ways to meet their needs and aspirations in a way that is cost-effective, sensible, and fun. Services include:
John Shea (Ph.D., Economics) and Bill Allen (Ph.D., Special Education) have been advising families on personalized living arrangements for their children with disabilities, for the past ten years. Most recently, Shea worked with two other families to develop a novel living arrangement for his son Joe and two companions. Shea and Allen have authored (or co-authored) several monographs on topics related to housing and support services, including: Parents Look Ahead Together!, A Resource Manual; This is Your Life! A Handbook on Developing Personalized Living Arrangements; Places to Live and Getting Around Town: Needs, Problems, Options, and Possible Solutions; Looking at Licensed, Residential Services in Your Community; Patterns of Support: A Supported Living Resource Catalogue; To Be or Not to Be: A Booklet to Assist in Deciding Whether to Seek Licensure and Certification as an ICF/DD-H or DD-N. References and a complete business history are available upon request.

One hour, free initial consultation. We charge reasonable fees and encourage collaborative funding whenever possible. For more information, please contact John Shea at:


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